Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cougar on the Loose

Recently Nate wrote us to say he was missing a card from a deck of Go Fish for Wildlife cards he had ordered. He asked if we could send him a new Cougar card. We sent him a whole new deck along with the Cougar card. Meanwhile he and his 5-year old son, Craig, made their own was too cute for us to keep to ourselves!

Nate wrote:
Hi Maureen, 
Thank you for sending us the replacement Cougar card - and for including an entirely new deck too!!! We really appreciate it and Craig is having fun with the new deck now as well. 
As a thank you, attached is a .pdf comparison of the actual Cougar card and the one we drew together as our rendition of a replacement card. I am no artist obviously but Craig's pretty good for a 5-year old. Enjoy :)

Craig's cougar art beside the original card

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